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Interesting, but this is an exceedingly female-centric point of view with a dose of “women have somehow been oppressed by every society since the dawn of time because men are meanies”.

Really, masculinity is revered? Try growing up as a boy in elementary school and see how far “boys will be boys” takes you. If you’re lucky, you might get off with just an ADHD prescription. Go check out our prisons too, lots of those guys are pretty masculine. Feminisity is condemned? Have we been looking at the same mass media?

The word “man” was originally a gender-neutral word. English actually lost the male term, it didn’t invent the female one. I could argue that the gender-neutrality of “man” is actually the oppression of men, aided by feminists attempting to erase masculinity in a systematic whitewashing. It’s no more a ridiculous argument than yours.

If women are feminine, they are praised by feminists. If women are masculine, they are praised by feminists. If men are masculine, they are derided by feminists. If men are feminine, they are praised by feminists…who then want to sleep with the masculine men instead. The only winning move is not to play such an absurd game of identity politics.