I don’t know about you, Sumant, but these “feelings” you’re so quick to trivialize constitute my…
Marilyn Harris

It may not have been acceptable, but it was tolerated. I tolerated it so long I’ve grown blind to it. It’s just noise for me. I’ve seen it ever since I ventured away from the relative safety of .edu. Users older than me say they’ve had the same experience. This is how the internet has always been. It’s like gentiles moved into the ghetto and are shocked at the crimes that take place. It might be abuse for others, but it’s just home sweet home to me.

But its 2016, and now cyberbullying and harrassment and mean tweets have become a major issue. Not in 2000. What’s changed between then and now? Smartphones. Mass access was now available for the normies — especially women.

I feel like certain women who were socially coddled from birth are now experiencing what society truly is like to everyone else thanks to relative anonymity. And they don’t like it. They think they are personally being attacked, when in reality, everyone has always been attacked.

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