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It’s not victim blaming when the supposed victims are actually the abusers. It can’t fail victims of sexual assault when no such assault happened.

There’s also a significant inconsistency between DeCoutere’s avowed testimony to the Crown that she had no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with Ghomeshi when, in fact, dozens of emails point to a very different reality, the judge said.
When describing an email sent hours after the alleged choking incident in which DeCoutere said he “kicked her ass last night” which made her “want to f — k him… Tonight.”
“There is not a trace of animosity, regret, or offence taken,” in that message, the judge said.

There’s a big difference in getting nervous and mixing up your words and possibly outright lying to try and destroy a man’s career. Now I wasn’t at the trial, I haven’t kept up, so I don’t know if he sexually assaulted anyone or not. But I know we should not lower the bar of justice just because female sexuality was possibly violated.

Believing women never lie about sexual assault or rape is how we ended up with lynch mobs all over the American South murdering young black men. I think women are humans, prone to the same prejudices and evils men are.

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