Please learn how power dynamics work within the American socioeconomic culture before you try to…
Seanna Pickles

It’s pretty simple, just follow the golden rule: he (or she) who has the gold makes the rules. Class plays the largest determinant of power. A rich black man is generally better off than a poor white man. He may face more casual racism, but that’s more than offset by the privileges he’ll gain from access to wealth. It’s very convenient how you ignore the largest factor in modern power structures because it would have some pretty bad implications. For example, anyone who has the ability to take a gender studies degree, sociology, or other liberal arts degree is incredibly privileged to be able to skip out on a degree that actually will pay back the college loans.

By your logic we should ignore female suicides, female homicides, and other female deaths. After all, men are killed more and commit suicide more, so when women do it then it’s just a non-issue, right?

It’s ridiculous to think every man is privileged above every woman, and then use that to say we should ignore male issues. I’ll be sure to quote this everytime I see “but feminism is for men too!”

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