Definitely creepy if he’s good looking, in fact, it’s a damn sight worse.
Jane Sorensen

Definitely creepy if he’s good looking, in fact, it’s a damn sight worse.

It was just an aphorism. I don’t think it is literally true. It just appears to be true for men. Creepiness seems to boil down to violating social boundaries and mores. It’s just that more attractive guys have more leeway here anyway.

The economic view of sexuality

Exists in animals and is a decent approximation of sexual interactions.

is toxic

What does “toxic” even mean here? Does it mean you don’t like it, so it’s universally bad for everyone?

and services masculinity

Even if it was true, why is it wrong? Are you implying masculinity is bad? Are you implying being a well-adjusted guy is a bad thing?

and the women who are contented to be “entertainment women.”

I believe women have the right to make their own choices in life — even choices that feminists disagree with. It’s their life, not yours.

I abhor references to it

Why do you believe your personal feelings are in anyway relevant?

they almost universally come from men

So? Is that a bad thing? Does men = bad?

Men and women often face very different challenges in finding a relationship. Just because you don’t understand it does not mean it stops existing.

and they are a priori — you aren’t allowed to dispute them. That makes you an irrational feminist. Eye roll.

You can dispute it all you want…with facts. Not feelings. I don’t care how toxic or bad or doubleplusungood you personally feel it is. Tinder uses it and science uses it and I use it because it works.

People don’t get it — and when they don’t get it, they do need to have something explained to them. I prefer to do that in person in a human conversation with someone who can actually benefit from it.

The only difference being in person makes is that it’s a lot easier to convince someone using personal feelings, not factual arguments.

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