The Gendered Implications of the Word “Manipulative”
Kitty Stryker

Low quality women only attract low quality men. Most women would realize they are dating someone who is not at all in to them and sees them as nothing more than a side dish, to be pumped and dumped at convenience. You, however, choose to blame “toxic masculinity” while dating “fit, white, cis men”. You life will not improve until you stop dating these kind of men and accept some responsibility that you made a poor choice in your dating selection. If a man dated only hot, crazy women we would place the blame solely on him for such poor choices. It is in a similar vein that you should accept responsbility for your actions.

You may not like my unsolicited advice, but I don’t like your unsolicited need to smear all of masculinity. The thing we have the most power to change is ourselves.

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