I think this is a (deliberately?)
Allan Schumacher

Women actually do get killed for rebuffing a man’s advances. Maybe this happens to men too, but it’s not something I’ve ever been concerned about nor is it something that I’m familiar with.

Men have been killed for rejecting women’s advances, too. There exists the phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!” Are you really so naive to think this is a one-sided phenomenon?

But what percentage of men kill a woman for saying no? Charlene Haparimwi seems to be implying there is an epidemic of femicide going on because women dare to say no.

In her first link, no murder was attempted.

Her second link contains one instance of what she is talking about.

Her third link is to Elliot Rodgers, who actually killed more men than women and did not even kill women he knew.

Is this every guy in the world? Absolutely not, not even close. A very low percentage of men are capable of or want to assault a woman. But it’s a high enough number for women to keep their guard up.

Is that even a reasonable fear? Why aren’t women afraid of alcohol? It results on far more female deaths than spurned men.

Charlene Haparimwi seems to be happy with the idea that women are no more than helpless children who are a victim of situation and circumstance every moment of the day. According to her, women are driven by fear and can be coerced into doing your bidding by being a scary-looking man. What pathetic creatures!

Or maybe that’s not reality.