“It isn’t that men haven’t been called to the conversation, but rather that they’ve constantly rejected the invitation. Men have consistently and deliberately turned to women in feminist movements and said that their concerns are not urgent, or important, or even real. They’ve sought ways to blame women for the oppression they face, or in the most charitable version of events, attempted to derail conversations by saying, “The real issue is…” Some men flat out deny there is a problem at all, while some of even the self-proclaimed progressive men try to find ways to again center men in the fight for equality and justice…
“Feminism shouldn’t make men comfortable”
Jess Brooks

“Men, you are formally invited to the table on gender equality! But because you were born with a penis you are all sexist and misogynistic and problematic. Now let me explain to you men why you need to pay attention to our first world problems like mean people on the Internet or not getting enough free stuff or unattractive men hitting on us.”

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