By saying such things, you are NOT exercising your right to freedom of speech. You are abusing it and you are denying basic human rights to others. That makes you no different from the members of radical Islam, ISIS, Nazis, and other groups that spread terror, oppression, and hate, regardless of whether you happen to hate these groups too or not.
Unlimited Tolerance = Intolerance
Mateja Klaric

Name even one “basic human right” that is being denied by mean words on the internet. Offending someone is now equivalent to gassing and decapitating people? You seem quite liberal in how you choose what words mean. Speaking of redefining words:

The progressive guide to arguing against free speech

  1. Redefine free speech you don’t personally agree with as hate speech.
  2. Claim that hate speech is literally analogous to abuse, violence, murder, rape, etc.
  3. Demand that hate speech is made illegal.
  4. Enjoy your extra privileges and rights (you can say all the hateful things you want) while others have those some rights denied to them (words are violence!) while claiming you are the most oppressed of all.

I guess if you think you could never be wrong it makes sense to people who disagree with you as inferior subhumans who don’t deserve the same rights you demand from others.

There is no basic human right to not feel bad. There is no basic human right to always feel virtuous. There is no basic human right to forever be unchallenged. That is an entitlement and a privilege.

Which social group is the most likely one to get extra accommodations and privileges? Why, the one that is already the most powerful of course. Which group are you a part of?

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