Why I Would Hire Alison Rapp
Unicole Unicron

No one cared about Allison Rapp. No one cares that she is an escort. No one would have cared if she wasn’t such a poor representative for Nintendo that it was frankly offensive she held such a position.

Let’s ask GamerGate what they think:

Regardless, this is why GamerGate still talks about her:
She is a liar. The journalists who report on her situation are liars. The SJWs who support her are liars. And liars deserve to have their lies yanked out from under them, the victims of their lies vindicated.

You are playing the “it’s actually misogyny” card when there are so many female gamers who have been offended by Rapp’s actions.

She lied, they lied, you lied. People are getting tired of your lies.

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