These men, their wives and girlfriends say, talk the political talk — but when it comes down to walking the walk of active resistance, the man falls short in terms of joining her in action. It’s a pain point in otherwise happy relationships, made all the more obvious by the urgency with which so many women feel moved to act.
When Your Girlfriend Thinks You’re a Slacktivist
Tracy Moore

No surprise there. These women and men subscribe to a political ideology that says men need to shut up and sit down or they are a problem. If they became politically active and loud, they might take spotlight or attention away from a woman. That’s bad. So they stay quiet in the backseat. Isn’t that what they’re supposed to do?

And when they do just that, that’s also a problem. Do they want a proactive, vocal, assertive man? But wait, that’s also toxic masculinity and we can’t have that.

These ladies got the men they thought they wanted and they aren’t happy with the result.

You describe them as shouting hysterically at their male partners and the men are expected to quietly take it. They are used to it. If the situation was reversed feminists would call it “emotional abuse,” but since they’re just cis-white males they don’t need to be respected! It’s not like they are even human.

Feminism: because I deserve an emotional scapegoat, damnit!