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When women move into a field the pay goes down. It then becomes ‘female dominated’

Or maybe when pay goes down, men leave the field because they need to make a higher income than women. Do feminists need to find the most misogynistic interpretation of any data? The article even spouts the 79 cent lie.

Yes all genders matter but there is one gender here that has been systematically mistreated throughout history.

And how did you come to that conclusion?

Because even in female dominated jobs, men get paid more:

Men don’t take time off to take care of babies.

In short — this thread was not about men, it was not about industries where women are the majority and trying to make it about that is NOT being supportive or a good ally to women.

When faced with critique or outright criticism, feminists have a compelling need to reframe the discussion to invalidate anyone else’s opinion.

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