We are not allowed to know who we find beautiful. This is a dangerous knowledge. If women were allowed access to our own belief in innate beauty, we could no longer be sold as a commodity. Rich old men may not have the power to make us desire them, but they can stop us from desiring anyone else. They cannot buy our affection, but they can buy our attention.
What Does Rape Culture Do To Female Desire — Revisited
Emma Lindsay

Prostitution is not even legal. If you don’t want to be a commodity, don’t sell.

I could make a far better argument that women are buying and selling my sexuality, given their power in the dating market and their ability to demand men be more successful then they are. I have witnessed male sexuality broken, repackaged, and resold at a dime a dozen to various bulk purchasers. Not to say it doesn’t happen to women’s sexuality too, but it’s a common experience for men.

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