Friendzone vs. The Invisible Woman
Catherine Grant

That’s a lot of entitlement. Do you think you deserve friendship with a man by virtue of existing? What do you bring to the table?

It’s called the “fuckzone”, it exists, and it exists because sex is cheap for women. Most women can find a sexual offer from some guy fairly easily. It’s friendship that’s harder to get. The opposite is true for men.

because I don’t sexualize every man I meet who I find attractive.

Because male and female sex drives work differently. You aren’t inherently better for not sexualizing every man you see, because that’s just how women’s sexuality works.

I could be somewhere and if just one guy disregards me and makes me invisible socially, it makes me feel like crawling under a rock because of my anxiety.

That’s on you, not men. Don’t blame your social insecurites on mankind because you can’t deal with a social slight.

I’ve never once considered it a reason for violence.

You act as if women don’t do the same — getting violent or inciting other men to be violent against some man when they don’t get their way. Christ, WorldStar is full of these.

Stop and think how you would treat me and other women if we were the exact same person, but just a dude.

That’s terrible advice. Everytime I’ve done this women think I am being mean to them, because I am treating them just like I treat other guys.

guys are flaunting their privilege by doing the exact same thing

And here you are, flaunting your sexual privilege that you are seemingly blind to that explains your entire situation.

Men aren’t a machine that you drop kindness coins in and expect friendship to fall out.