Bustin’ Makes Boys Feel Sad — Why Ghostbusters is So Hated
Ashley Lynch

The number one way I know someone was never truly a nerd from the start was accusing other nerds of being minority-hating misogynynerds. That has not been true in my experience, nor in the experience of women and minorities I know who actually play games — have actual skills, love, and appreciation for games, not just hipsters culturally appropriating the latest profitable social trend. We have a shared history of having to hide our power level let we be socially outcast.

These companies are trying to push build hype for their lackluster movies by turning it into a us vs. them, gallant feminists vs. vile women-hating MRAs, and you’re falling right into their hands. Feminism has become the profitable establishment, and by painting everyone who dislikes the new Ghostbusters trailer as MRA conservative liberal anti-feminist #GamerGate with frankly the largest brush I’ve ever seen, you lose critical understanding of the issues.

You need to stop getting all your information from The Mary Sue and Jezebel and Tumblr blogs. Examine what you preach about yourself.

  1. MRAs never boycotted Mad Max. Some MRAs chose not to attend, but MRAs know they are anything but the establishment power and that a boycott would be pointless. The entire thing was a manufactured outrage machine based on a tweet of a few randoms to stir up the feminist internet hate machine.
  2. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was the most Mary Sue thing I’ve seen in ever. It was as bad as Anakin and Jar-Jar Binks combined (ok, maybe not that bad) in Episode 1. Rey was just boring as hell to watch. But it’s been turned into a “no wait you actually hate women” (which I find incredibly offensive) thing by The Mary Sue, Jezebel, and other internet rags that subsist from manufacturing outrage by stirring up the feminist internet hate machine.
  3. The vast majority of #GamerGate supporters are moderately liberal anti-feminists. In fact, I think they were feminists before #GamerGate. There are no leaders in #GamerGate, just e-celebritries. Milo is one of them, but most GGers disagree with his social views. GG is definitely not alt-right, if you knew anything about the alt-right.
  4. AVGN looks like the hill internet feminists want to die on. It’s incredibly stupid. He politely states that he doesn’t want to watch it, and the usual internet feminists are frothing at the teeth because he didn’t immediately flog himself while calling all women “brave and stunning.” Here’s my headline: Internet Offendatrons Get Panties In Twist Because One Dude Doesn’t Want to Watch Ghostbusters.

How many people actually hate women for the crime of being born with a vagina??? How many people legitimately do? Because that’s such a ridiculous notion, that you hate 51% of the population for merely existing. It’s almost as if it’s not true.

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