Well, of course, because I’m a woman, and I’ve heard these same lines from men forever.
Abby Franquemont

There was never a conspiracy. There was just people doing what people do. People tend to do certain things, so certain results happen.

I see feminism as the collective outcry of female angst. There is no academic rigor behind feminism, no logic, no science. It’s mostly just what feels bad to some women. Things that trouble women dearly, and wish they could change .And maybe they can.

But this outcry is working to invalidate or co-opt any other angst out there: male, minority, poor, etc. It’s some kind of memetic evolutionary construct like religion based on shallow concepts and soundbites. But it is based on a feminine imperative. It cannot possibly solve or even recognize the existence of issues that disproportinately affect men, for example. These issues simply don’t exist to them, because men in distress are invisible to society as a whole (unless they act out violently).

Why would women care about low value men? Why would men care about low value men? Why would anyone care?

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