On the topic of Social Justice Warriors and Keyboard debaters…
Sarah Kangas

These discourses generally just use gendered rights as a political football. It’s not about understanding reality and the situation in the ground to reduce human suffering. Its about getting the most moral grandstanding points from the least amount work.

There are certain premises modern progressives make that are supposed to be taken on faith as truth. One of them is that women and men are the exact same. From a biological basis they are not. As groups they have different physiologists, perceive the world differently, have different life priorities, have different sexual strategies, etc.

Any free choice women make that is not the same that a man would typically make is framed as oppression, misogyny, patriarchy, etc. Its very anti-scientific and leads to a nebulous, conveniently perpetual war against human nature that provides pretense for ever more privileges and entitlements. Who actually benefits from this? Only a very select few.

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