If men understood they were lonely, if they found comfort seeking out platonic companionship when unable to find a romantic partner, I think the number of assaults would go down.
What Drives Men to Rape?
Emma Lindsay

This, in a nutshell, is exactly why feminist discourse will never truly reduce rape. Men are not women. This does not work. It is very hard for men to maintain a purely platonic relationship when their desire intimacy even more.

Men express their emotions primarily in masculine ways. What recent social movement has been pushing for the elimination of male-only spaces while advocating for the creation of more female-only spaces?

The more you treat men like defective women, the more defective men you get. With the rising male suicide rate, however, many of those broken men will kill themselves. That’s a lot less icky ugly gross creepy Percy men to deal with though, so we all win, right?