Mike Epifani

When you call a liberal who is strongly against identity politics and is for individual rights a white nationalist —views that are fundamentally opposed — maybe you’ve gone so far off the deep-end that everyone that thinks differently from you looks like a white nationalist.

I’m a misandrist in that I hold men to higher standards while sympathizing less with them. That is simply a internalization of my childhood and adolescent upbringing that women are more valuable than men and men’s suffering is and should be irrelevant.

If I am “literally the opposite” of a misandrist, find me a single post where I hate woman. Find me just one! If you can find it I’ll concede the point. But if you think criticizing feminism means automatically hating women, then I’m not sure you know what you’re talking about. (And if you’re wondering why I criticize mostly feminist women, that’s just because feminist men aren’t allowed their own opinions.)