You read my article, got butthurt, and decided you knew all about what I was trying to say.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where are you getting all of this from?
Zõmbïē Sølö

Who are you trying to convince here, yourself or me? Was I actually wrong in my assessment? Maybe the actual mistake I made was calling you out, which isn’t “allowed.”

Have you heard of opinion posts and what they entail?

You posted an opinion in public and I posted back in public why it was a shit opinion. While I don’t think you are shit, your opinion in this case is shit because it doesn’t accurately represent reality, just your own biases.

Did I ever say, “ALL MEN”?

I never claimed you literally said “ALL MEN” even though you were specifically talking about men as an entire group at least 10 times.

Have you experienced my experiences? No? Well, I hardly think you have any opinion on the matter since you have no idea what type of men I have been around or been involved with.

Have you experienced my experiences? No? Well, I hardly think you have any opinion on the matter since you have no idea how men think and why they act in a certain way.

So you would say that being abused by men is my fault, somehow, because I pointed out how shitty they are for their lack of empathy?
You can say whatever you want, but the bottom line is, I have experienced men who lack little to no empathy — and there’s nothing you can say or do to deny these truths.
Just look at our peachy president.

Are you talking about all men here or not? Make up your mind!

What does your personal abuse, a lack of empathy, and the president have to do with men? I’m sorry that happened to you, but it’s not an argument. If I bust out my own sob stories do we get to play Oppression Olympics where the more tears your story elicits the more “correct” your opinion becomes? Because Donald Trump is the President, your opinions automatically are automatically validated?

“It’s okay, I knew there’d be one guy who was going to come out and start screaming, “NOT ALL MEN!!!!!!1111!!”

Kafkatrapping is not an argument.

  • “If no one argues against me it’s because I didn’t state anything controversial which means I’m right!”
  • “If a man argues against me it’s because he’s butthurt which means I’m right!”
  • “If a woman argues against me, it’s because she has internalized misogyny which means I’m right!”

Have you ever considered the radical idea that you might be wrong?

Apparently none of you “men” are ready to accept that MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, some men are total fucknuts.

What a brave strawman to fight against! Ride forward, Don Quixote, and slay ye evil windmills in the name of justice!


Honestly, this is the worst part. It’s spelled y’all. Y(ou a)ll. The quotation mark indicates elided letters, so ya’ll doesn’t work.

Anyone who has assimiliated this word naturally should know this. The only people I know who spell it that way are progressives who want to show how down and hip they are with the proles and their crazy vernacular. If you want to y’all, do it right!

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