I’m female, myself, not a busybody.
R. Larkin Taylor-Parker

You are trying to polarize what Trump said into an us vs. them, good vs. evil issue of morality and it is absolutely toxic. It was destructive when President George W. Bush did it and it’s harmful now.

Seduction is not sexual assault. Words uttered a decade ago in private that do not concern you do not constitute a personal threat. Several women that I know think Trump’s remarks are a complete red herring and non-issue. We are voting for a Commander-in-Chief, not a role model.

This gynocentric moralism is partly why the alt-right is solidifying and why it will continue to grow in strength. A bunch of mostly-young, mostly-white men see society as giving out free handouts to everyone but them in an anti-intellectual race to the bottom powered by lies, soundbites, and extremism. The progressive narrative spouted by feminists and SJWs is completely contrary to their life experience because progressives (usually UMC+) have conspicuously ignored the greatest privilege of all: class.

This is the vehicle actual white nationalism will eventually ride upon. The alt-right are the regressives of the right (neo-reactionaries?) and they are a credible threat because they actually have some intellectual merit to their beliefs — something feminists and often SJWs lack. Forced diversity, vagina quotas, and demonization of masculinity is forcing them into a corner. It has become impossible to pursue happiness as a straight male AND comply with regressive demands — so they won’t even try. Don’t corner a rat unless you want to get bit.

The regressives have finally created their demon, but I doubt they will survive long enough to slay it as they implode from within. You will not shame the alt-right with traditional morality because they see that as being “cucked.” All stick and no carrot leads to resentment, not cooperation.

To defeat Donald Trump and what he represents, you must defeat the instigators of the alt-right and the far-right. This kind of piece only instigates them because it shows the incredible disconnect between you and them.

Imagine a America that does not even pretend to care about women and minorities because that will become our future and I will have to live in that mess. This is not my American Dream.