I expect nothing from you. Nothing. At all. And what I get is just poisonous venom.
H. Nemesis Nyx

You just went full IMAX projector mode on me, mate.

Just venom and “it’s not fair” poor me, I’m a man no one cares.

I have said it’s not fair in certain aspects. However, I have never said “poor me” except to the most egregious of injustices. I’m not a victim because being a victim grants me no sympathy or support. Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean I am a victim or oppressed. I have it pretty good, I just get to complain about stuff because maybe it can be better for the next generation. 😊

When your demographic is the only one that’s ever mattered in this society.

Now I know you are just tossing out random ad-hominems and nothing based on facts. My demographic is <1% in this nation. I cannot pass for white or black. You are not going to win the “who’s the actual minority” game with me. Not everyone is a white woman to society, you know.

I have almost always been the outsider and the out-group — both in race and subculture — to become accepted. I’ve gotten pretty good at it. Actual minorities cannot demand the majority changes for them. We don’t care about microaggressions because most of them are not meant maliciously. You have to be cooperative, not combative. When you have no actual institutional power, you cannot demand the institution do things for you. When you are not an actual majority, you cannot demand the majority changes for you.

We do not have the privilege of constantly antagonizing the majority. That is exactly what progressives have been doing and continue to do and it has produced this outcome that was entirely predicted by us. That’s why I have been attacking this for so long, even before I joined Medium. We knew the backlash was coming for some while too. But I guess I’m not the right kind of minority.


I can understand that it is hard when other perspectives invade your headspace and debate

Some of us seek out other perspectives because we care more about being correct than being right. If you can supplant one of my beliefs with a better one, I absolutely encourage you to do so. I like good ideas! But I will take them from any source, not just the “right” source. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember because it’s the only way not to be gaslit constantly.


I don’t think you know how debate or even political conversations works. If you leave your echo chamber you might realize some of us have thicker skins because we are so hard on ourselves than no one else can be harder on us. We cannot be attacked by random strangers because there is nothing left for them to attack. I don’t care about your throwing personal insults at me because I do not love you (that would be weird!) and thus you do not have that power over me. I do not expect the world to be nice to me. I expect myself to endure the world.


with those things you were told that you were so special and unique and more important than anyone else.

I know that’s a millenial stereotype, but you are very far off the mark when it comes to me. Sorry, but I’ve been rejecting the idea of participation trophies since third grade. Looks like I’ve made the right choice, too.

Under the right conditions, adversity does breed success. Not coddling.


The difference between me and you is that I am accepting of the fact that other people’s perspectives are just as valid as mine; you do not.

Only a fool thinks that all perspectives are valid. That’s a luxury only people with very similar beliefs can share. This is likely projection because you are the one that thinks half the country is unrepentantly bigoted when I think its a bit more nuanced than that.


I disagree with many other perspectives, but I respect that people may have come to those pespectives in a reasonable process. Even yours, H. Nemesis Nyx. Would you afford the same courtesy to me?

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