Trigger Warnings and Affirmative Consent are About the Same Thing
Mirah Curzer

You should consider talking to one of these mythical “men” in the future. Much like a fundamentalist, you’ve chosen to live in your own fantasy world made of repeatedly debunked statistics, incestual citations, clickbait blogs, fishing expeditions, grievance industries, willful ignorance, and emotional masturbation.

God forbid you read the studies or do the numbers yourselves, because then you might be forced to confront the reality that Brock Turner has still done more jail time than many female pedophiles and that sexual behavior you don’t like doesn’t mean you get to call it rape for everyone else and that affirmative consent does not work in practice and does not actually protect women.

I know women who have been raped. They are becoming livid with feminism’s choice to lie, steal, and profit for itself at the cost of making these issues worse for the women who don’t get to live in ivory towers and gated neighborhoods.

You’ve run out of actual problems and so you’ve made your own. Now the rest of us have to clean up your mess.