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You’re arguing against a strawman by referring to violent traits. The context by the original author is:

In place of teaching them to protect others, we lie and declare all violence to be bad.

When you say ALL violence is bad, you say self-defense is bad. You say violence to protect victims of violence is bad. You say police using force to defend citizens is bad. You say military action and war to protect civilians is bad. I don’t think you understand the concepts of limited aggression and peace through superior firepower.

Martial arts usually teach that you should never get into a fight in the first place. If you are forced into one, however, you should know how to defend yourself. Don’t throw the first punch, but be sure you throw the last.

So far the only people I’ve seen claim that all violence is bad, even in self-defense, are lawsuit-avoidant school administrators and mothers who have never been physically bullied. Men aren’t women, and the idea that that they can reliably expect someone else to defend them is laughable. You’re rejecting the realities of life for a moral ivory tower and it is harmful to the people who don’t get to share that tower with you.