Nothing Good is going to happen to you

Opportunities and big hits do not come your way.

We get fooled into hearing success stories of how someone got found by a successful person and their life turned out wonderful and they lived happily ever after. There is .0000023% chance of that happening in my life so I am just going to say, “No”, it will not happen. I have to go after every opportunity. Every bag of coffee sold, no matter the size — I have to go after it. It will not just come to me. Every consulting opportunity — no matter the size. I have to go after it.

This building is full of doors to knock on and help people. There are people looking out these windows waiting for something good to happen. Sadly — they will keep waiting. Nothing will good will happen.

Nothing good will happen to you. You must go and make good things happen. The book, the new product, the new business, the better family, the better career. You have to make the good happen. Day in and day out. Every second. Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours and hours become days and days become weeks and weeks become months and months become years and and and and….you are done. Nothing good will happen to you. You have to make good things happen.

Years ago, I landed the head of HR job at HireVue. I had to hitch a ride off a stranger (now friend) from St. Louis to Chicago to meet the people who later offered me the job. I had to make that happen.

Create a mindset to do good and treat people good but do not let that mindset fool you into thinking that good things are just going to magically happen. You launch a business? BFD. Now, you have to make good things happen. Do the work. Day in and day out. You are going to get tired. Push through the tired. You are going to have work two jobs to make it work.

Do two jobs. Three or four if that’s what it takes. Make it happen because nothing good is going to just happen to you.