The History of The Construction of The Grand Mosque in Medan

Medan Great Mosque or Masjid Raya Al Mashun is a mosque situated in Medan, Indonesia. This mosque was implicit 1906 and was finished in 1909. Toward the start of its foundation, the mosque was combined with the royal residence complex. Its compositional style run of the mill of the Middle East, India and Spain. The mosque is octagonal and has a wing in the south, east, north and west. Extraordinary Mosque of Medan is a verifiable witness the enormity of the Malay Sultanate proprietor of Deli (Medan).

Medan Great Mosque or Masjid Raya Al Mashun a mosque situated in the city of Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Extraordinary Mosque of Medan was assembled for a long time, which started on August 21, 1906 (1 Rajab 1324 H) and finished on 10 September 1909 (25 Sya; tire H 1329) and utilized as a first time Friday requests to God in this mosque.

At first Masjid Raya Al Mashun outlined by Dutch modeler Van Erp, who likewise planned the castle Maimon, yet then the procedure is finished by JA Tingdeman. Van Erp when it was called to Java by the Dutch government to join during the time spent rebuilding of Borobudur sanctuary in Central Java. Most building materials are foreign made, among others: the marble for enhancement imported from Italy, Germany and recolored glass and light fixtures from China straightforwardly from France.

Masjid Raya Al Mahsun was set up on the place where there is 18.000m2 with a limit of 1,500 admirers. The mosque is constantly loaded with individuals who need to adore or beri’tikaf, particularly when Ramadan.

Sultan Deli then, Maimonides Sultan al Rashid Perkasa Alam IX purposely fabricate Great Mosque of Medan with an extremely lofty quality than his own particular royal residence, Istana Maimun.Masjid octagonal and wings in four cardinal bearings has the run of the mill building style of the Middle East, India and Spanish. Masjid Raya Al Mashun Medan is a demonstration of the historical backdrop of the Malay legacy of the Sultanate of Deli, Medan.

Development of Masjid Raya Al Mashun this field all expenses borne by the Sultan of Maimonides. Be that as it may, as indicated by history, an unmistakable ethnic Chinese city of Medan, Tjong A Fie add to support the development of this mosque.

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The mosque is exceptionally great and stunning and respected due to its difference to the mosque all in all. Incredible Mosque of Medan eight square molded with four primary porch at the front, back and both sides.

The fourth colonnade without a moment’s delay into the passage to the Great Mosque of Medan. Within, there are eight columns supporting the vault distance across of 0.60 meters in the focal piece of the primary. While four different vaults is over the fourth lobby. There are likewise two towers on both sides of the back of the Masjid al Mahsun.

At first Masjid Raya Al Mahsun and Maimoon castle outlined by designer from the Netherlands, Van Erp. In any case, when that Van Erp was called to Java by the Dutch government for the reclamation of Borobudur sanctuary in Central Java.

Procedure of further then done by JA Tingeman. Awesome Mosque of Medan building materials, for example, masmer imported specifically from Italy and Germany, recolored glass from China while the light fixtures from France.

That is a brief history of the Great Mosque of Medan stunning. Ideally this data is valuable. Respects!

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