In Person Drop

I have strong believe on that Failure leads us toward success. I think failure is an amazing thing that happens to us and provide us an opportunity to improve and prove our self by overcoming our weaknesses and errors. Sometimes we disappointed and demotivated due to failures but if we take it positively we can win the game.

From in person drop, I learned that reaching out to the HR is not an easy task but it is possible if we show consistency, develop courage of facing failure. I visited a university for in person drop and tried for a meeting with VC but the staff did not allow me rather suggested me to come out next day. Next day again the same thing happened to me and they asked me to come out after two days I was too much disappointed at that time and decided I’ll not come again but after reaching at home I motivated myself and went again. At that time they asked me to write an application and then took the application to the Vice Chancellor of the university. After sometime Vice Chancellor herself called me in her office talked about my application and the purpose of my arrival. She also gives me some feedback on my application for further improvement. It was a pleasant meeting with her. She accepted my application and sent me to the relevant department. It was a great experience and great opportunity as a visiting staff in their institution. I felt more energetic and motivated having her kindness after facing some hurdles in meeting.