Meet with your potential mentor

Now a days I have faced a serious problem that is “Every week I visited Lahore to attend Amal sessions and problem is that it is very difficult for me travel alone and some times I faced many problems because I am girl. Many of my friends told me that I have to quit the sessions and stay remain at home but I love to join Amal sessions and learn from these sessions.

So according to this problem I want to discuss it with one of my senior named (Marwa). I mailed her three days before. She is also from Multan

Hello Marwa,

How are u, hopefully you are good and enjoying your thesis work at university. Dear I have to discuss with you a serious problem that’s why I want to met you as soon as possible. Give me your precious time and will meet me soon.

Thank You




She replied me next day that If I faced real problem then she will definitely meet me soon. She said that she has very busy routine but she will meet me tomorrow. So She came to my home today and I ma very happy that she bring out for me and give me a time. I know she is very busy but she is caring about me.

After general discussion told her that I have to visit every week to Lahore my Sessions but now I faced really very bad experiences due to alone travelling. And I am deciding to leave the sessions.

She told that I know and understand your problem and your feelings but What if you be brave girl. Don’t be scared. Be a man. She told me that she loved my passion and love my hard working. She told me that if I ma one the right path then I will definitely look upward not the backward. She really motivated me a lot and push me and encourage to continue my sessions. At the end she told best of luck to me and went back to home.

After some times I have sent her Thank you mail

Dear Marwa,

Hopefully you are good. Thank you so much for inspiring and pushing me. I love the way you motivated me. I fell really change in myself. You change my perception. Now I decided to continue my Amal sessions.

Thank you so much for your precious time




Really she did a very good job. She really motivated me and pushing towards hardworking and success.