Sharing a story of your Mentor

Mentor is someone who have more experienced and knowledgeable than you. The story of my mentor is that I have many heroes and guids in my life who always help me during problem. But the real mentor of my life is “Uzma”. She is my professor at college. She is very helpful and kind girl. Whenever I faced problems and felt upset she helped me a lot.

Once upon a time I have serious family problem due to that I have to quit the studies. I was very upset at that time because I love to study but my family forced to quit the study. When I discussed with Mam Uzma she told me that life occurs only once in time so enjoy it and always become a long life learner it is my advised to u that don’t leave the college. She motivated me a lot and also talk to my father and uncle. I think today I am here just because of her. She helped me a lot. Now whenever I face problem and when I need help and suggestion I contact with her.

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