The Day Never Before Never Again

Finally the most memorable day of my fellowship program has come. It was my last day with Amal Family. We decided to visit some historical places of the historical city Lahore to explore the history. It was very hot day and difficult to manage our plans to make it memorable but finally we did it. It was the day which was never before and never again in my life. It is well said by Pearl Buck that “if you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday”. That day was inspiration for me about my future. First of all we decided to visit Minar ePakistan, then Badshahi Mosque, Shahi Fort, Masjid Wazir Khan and Shahi Hamam respectively. There was a tour guide with us. He was well known about these places and he delivered us all information about these places quite nicely. We are thankful to him. At all these places need very serious intentions from government to keep their historical importance alive. After that we tried a lot and felt hungry so decided to go for lunch. We went to inside area of the city for some traditional food like “Halwa Poori, Paye & Lassi”. It was much tasty. The things I have learnt from this awesome tour are

· Teamwork

· Prior planning

· Time management

· showing Gratitude & humility

· Coordination & cooperation

· Positivism

· Aik or aik gayara

· Challenges

· Learning from the history

· Thinking out of the box

· Problem solving by taking ownership

· Importance of PASSENGER

· Constructive feedback

· Amusement and entertainment after workaholic days

If I concise our tour in few lines then “I realized that travels are more education than vacation”. We learnt a lot about the history and importance of team work. When we started our tour then I was expecting that it would be memorable day for me of my session but at the end I realized it was the memorable day of my whole life. I really enjoyed a lot with Amal Family.