The developing countries have many problems in common. If we talk about the names of developing countries then we have to mention the name of Pakistan in that list.

Today, Pakistan is facing many problems as a developing country. We see many problems in Pakistan as developing country. Like poverty, literacy, clean water, child labor, human rights, energy problems, terrorism, drones attacks and unemployment these are main problems of today Pakistan. The people of Pakistan should be willing to change, and they should work hard for it.

Being a fellow of the Amal academy we have to done one mega project on any social problem. For that purpose we done a lot of research and struggle on internet and conduct some surveys in our areas. We found many ideas to work on it but we are still confused that do we go for the unemployment or Education? With the help of our one group member we had a helpful discussion with the senior student and people who had the practical experience of such activities.

After a lot of struggle and discussion we planned to work on child education or women rights because this is an important and emerging issue of the world and especially in Pakistan. We are planning to work on one of the idea from these two major issues.


For this accomplish of our idea about the child education or women rights we approached some NGO’s to work with us .we come to know that people are really motivated and encouraging about women rights and child education.An international NGO named “Path to Humanity” is really motivated towards the development of Pakistan and encourages the process of child education and women rights.

Group members

Muhammad Asad Bukhari

Sumbal Ijaz

Musannif Ali



We Approached the CEO of this Organization and discuss our plan and volunteer us for their seminars and workshops regarding child education and women rights. This NGO sponsors us and give us the opportunity to work with them and be a part of development of Pakistan.

Now we are going to work with them and organizing some events and seminars for creating awareness among people about the advantages of child education and women rights.

Every one of us will take part in organizing the social seminars and workshops in different places within Lahore for the next 15–20 days.