Virtual Reality is here to stay — for real this time

I’ve had my Samsung Gear VR for about a month now and easily showed it to 50+ people. Anytime I show it to someone new I get one of 3 reactions:

1) They instantly exclaim holy shit and freeze. They are terrified to move or look around because they feel like they’ve been transported somewhere else and don’t know what to make of it.

2) They instantly exclaim holy shit and immediately try to walk around the room. This results in me having to play lineman and keep them from running into furniture and sharp objects.

3) They instantly exclaim holy shit but being a geek manage to quickly navigate to the home screen, find all my apps, try like 3 different apps in the span of 1 minute, then stumble across the 360 degree videos. That’s where they suddenly get extremely quiet. This is when I know they’ve somehow stumbled into the 360 Demo Porn Videos I’ve download. At this point they will not give my Gear VR back.

Yeah — this shit is here to stay. It’s amazing. I don’t think anyone quite realizes how Mobile VR has made this extremely affordable. My Gear VR cost $99 and just requires a Samsung S6 Phone. Best $99 I have ever spent in my life!

I wish I had more reaction videos of all my friends trying it. But because this uses my phone that makes it a little harder. I am considering getting one of the new Oculus Headsets when it comes out because I do not like giving up my phone to other people (for sometimes hours).

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