Hey, there’s an app for that! And a hundred others too.

Swamped with work the other day, my colleague looks up from his cluttered desk with a grin on his face signaling like he just solved one of the world’s greatest mysteries. “You know want we really need to make smart offices?” he asks, “To be able to scan a document directly from our smart phones and send it to clients without getting into the hassle of these old-school scanners and printers.” I look at him, puzzled. How long has he been living under a rock? “Yeah, there’s already an app for that.” In fact, hundreds ( I may be exaggerating, but you get the idea).

Why is it that we need so many apps to do the exact same thing? And with such large influx of apps, why do they still go unnoticed? In the rush of staying relevant, we’ve started an never-ending assembly line for apps that we will download, drool over once, forget about and then delete as soon as we get a storage full indication from our smartphones. The problem with having so many apps, is that despite they may perform the same or similar functions but are also miles apart in case of user experience.

I demonstrated to my colleague the seamless working of scanning a document through the Dropbox for iPhone app, I can assure you he was as joyful as a 5 year old with candy. Another one — Adobe Scan is an app built just for this purpose. But why keep different apps for different actions? Dropbox has been my favorite so far because it provides, scanning, storage and sharing all in one app. Also instantly accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime! Adding up value to the smart office ecosystem in a nutshell.