Historical Omah Kanthil

Sheila Waltz
Dec 11, 2017 · 5 min read

The residence of Kanthil or often referred to as Omah Kanthil by Kotagede residents is empty residence as known by local or foreign tourists after on air in the “Different World” test show on Trans TV.
As we walk down the road of Kotagede Modorakan, the direction from Kotagede market to the west, we will also see one ancient door on the right side of the road approximately 200 meters
after we move from Kotagede Market. The door on the north side of Mondorakan Street from the outside only looks like a worn-out wooden garage door. There was not a glimpse of the door, what was once more behind the door. The rotten wooden door is divided into two doors, which are about two meters wide, big enough indeed. On one side of the door is a small door, until it is fitted with a door with a door. The door is used to be the way out when the main door is closed.

When we try to enter, after the big door just lay the dirt road as wide as four mtr. which is limited by the walls of the buildings on the 2 sides. The road is not long, about fifteen mtr. only, and at the end had been waiting with arrogant one tower receiver / successor sign one among the mobile operator is a fence that is so massive. From the end of this path, always to the north must first encircle the tower’s fence. Fitting in the northern part of the tower fence stands an old residence that would not be occupied.

The old dwelling is now very open indeed. Beside and behind it immediately adjacent to the residence of the community, except for the front side of the residence that has been turned into a tower just now (the tower occupies the place where the remaining residents of the old residence). However, feeling different feelings when trying to get close to where the old dwelling, what once again try to get into it. Indeed, according to residents of Kota Gede, a residence known as Kanthil’s residence is a “penunggunya” which is known by the name Barowo. The awesomeness of the old living quarters has been so well known by locals who are very familiar with the great Islamic organization Muhammadiyah.

Starting from almost 5 years ago. Last time Kanthil residence is more popular, not just in the group of citizens of Kota Gede, but also citizens of Yogyakarta usually, even also different cities in Java. Interestingly, according to M. Natsir from Yayasan Kanthil Kotagede, there was once a group from outside the city of Yogyakarta who came to Kotagede chartered a tourist bus just to find this residence Kanthil. This kind of thing is inseparable from the moment when Kanthil’s residence was used to be the most popular reality show shooter with his glitch test, “The Other World” which was carved by Trans TV. No doubt once again, some people are increasingly curious about the residence of Kanthil. The presence of a group of “tourists” just so one of the effects of reality.

Omah Kanthil

Historical Omah Kanthil

Kanthil location is around 230 mtr. to the northwest of Pasar Kotagede. Exactly in RT 49, RW 10 Kampung Trunojayan. Kanthil name taken from the name of kanthil tree (Michelia champaka) that had grown there. This canton tree grows big, so many people are saved. Near the kanthil tree, there is a black stone mortar. Similar to kanthil trees, the mortar was also rescued by the residents. There are sure, people whose legs are paralyzed when bathed in the mortar it will be able to recover.

Who owns Kanthil’s residence is Karto Jalal, or some people more familiar with Karto Kanthil. He is a rich merchant in Kotagede. The business that they are batik. When batik Kotagede natural golden period in th. 1940–1960, Karto Kanthil also gain profit. At that time, the price is very expensive. Sincere people exchange their land area of ​​several hundred mtr. with two or three pieces of cloth. Not surprisingly, residence and land Karto Kanthil also scattered in all corners of Kotagede.

When Karto Kanthil has a celebration of marrying his son, his party is seven days and seven nights. Her bride is paraded around Kotagede Market. The groom is riding a horse. The bride was on an ornamental stretcher, carrying four men. Different families ride in ornamental carriages. While the children who accompanied the riding of the kremun (small stretcher), behind him the banner-line, rontek duty to be pramuladi also selected men, dashing with fair complexion. The youths were taken from villages in Kotagede belonging to the Susilo Mudho community.

After th. 1960, batik business in Kotagede recede conspicuously, including the business have Karto Kanthil. Thirty years. then, the lands of Karto Kanthil one for one are sold by his heirs. So, to meet the needs of everyday life, often expert inheritance sell cheap some items that still remain, such as iron beds, tanggem, shutters, dandang, soblok, cabinets, and various other trivial items temeh.

In the neighborhood of th. 1990s, one of the son-in-law of Karto Kantil had complained, if some of his land has been used by the government without any permission. So, in the land that according to the son-in-law that is his own, already built the building of a government office building. One of them is PU Training Center in east of Winong bridge, Kotagede. Karto’s daughter-in-law admitted to taking care of it, but because the absence of official legal proof was written, the son-in-law was eventually defeated.

So the common room, not many traces that can be tracked from pendant Kanthil. Unless it could be a place of worship tarawih praying children Komariyah Masjid Perak, pendant Kanthil not often used for public needs.

The tragic fate of the Kanthil pendant has its own story. It was in th. 1990s, a son-in-law of Karto Kanthil was possessed of selling mango trees. Because the carpenter is less calculated, the big branches of the tree hit the pendant of Kanthil nearby. Resulting, Kanthil’s viewer also tilted. Because it does not have the cost to return the pendapa as it was originally, the Kanthil pendant was passed sloping over a long period of time. This condition was attacked by the pendapa broker. Sure enough. Not until the count of th., Pendant Kanthil also uprooted from the place.

Currently, Kanthil’s location has been so switched. The residence without the landlady was waiting for its destruction. Centipedes, worms, scorpions, and dhemites bandar togel now live there. Karna known haunted

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