Mythical grave Roro mendut

Sheila Waltz
Dec 11, 2017 · 7 min read
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makam roro mendut

One sacred grave located on the east side of Yogyakarta City, precisely in the location of Hamlet Gandu, Sendangtirto, Berbah, Sleman. Because of the immensity of these tombs, even before Yogyakarta, the tomb had long remained in the countryside.
This cemetery is quite familiar with the citizens, especially those who come from Java, because this is where buried bodies Roro Mendut and Pronocitro, a legend of real narrative story of true love who had lived in the land of Java as the legend of Europeans about Romeo
and Juliet. “The grave is indeed the grave of Roro Mendut, the narrative of life that once had been in this Javanese land,” said Rubiyo (61) elder villagers Gandu.
Disebakkan Rubiyo, the narrative love of two human children that took place around the era of the 17th or less on th. 1600s, when the time of the Sultanate of Mataram or embryo of the Sultan Palace still in power under the leadership of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusumo, the first king. At that time, Kraton Mataram was a kingdom that dominated almost all the land location of Java.
The benefits of expanding its territory, some areas on the north coast of Java are also encroached, one of the locations that want to be controlled by Mataram at that time is Kadipaten Pesantenan which is currently called Pati Regency, entered into the location of Central Java Province. In that work, Sultan Agung sent one of the strong commander of the Mataram Kingdom with a Tumenggung named Wiroguno to go to war in the Kadipaten Pati.
Kadipaten Pesantrenan in other words Kadipaten Pati is not a location that has a strong war ability, it does not take long for Tumenggung Wiroguno to master it. It was not until the count of weeks, this small location successfully mastered Wiroguno and his troops.
So the signing of the duchy’s competence on the Mataram palace, Duke Pati handed over tribute of property to the court of Mataram, it also handed her beautiful daughter upright named Roro Mendut. Roro Mendut is a girl born in Trembagi village, Pati which has been started since childhood by the duke in the kingdom.

Diboyonglah Roro Mendut to Mataram and other booty property. In Mataram, Roro Mendut lives in the palace. The idea, this beautiful girl will also dipersunting own by Wiroguno if age Roro Mendut is ripe later.
But the desire of Tumenggung clapping beside the hand, Roro Mendut lazy dipersunting by Wiroguno, because he actually already has a lover named Pronocitro, handsome young man from the original area there. Quietly Pronocitro also followed Roro Mendut, this young man went from Pati to Mataram earth. In Mataram, Pronocitro disguises himself as a pekatic or who in Javanese means a nurse of soldiers’ horses.
Heard when Pronocitro followed him to Mataram in the end Roro Mendut pleaded with Wriguno to be allowed to live outside the palace environment as long as it membelenggunya. The area of ​​Sendangtirto, Berbah, which is located about 25 km east of Kraton Mataram, so that he can always meet his lover without knowing the court.
Along the exile, Roro Mendut was not treated by Wiroguno. To survive, this beautiful girl always survive through the way of selling cigarette rolls, the cigarettes are made with a traditional roll of paper containing tobacco.
At that time, cigarettes are marketed Roro Mendut so sweet behavior in the group of soldiers Mataram, because the cigarette-paper in the final system rolling, always glued by way licked first using the tongue Roro Mendut is so beautiful and seductive. Not only that, in every buyer, Roro Mendut always the first time to revive the cigarette. Means, Roro Mendut is the one who lit the first fire that smokes the cigarette for the consumer. The remaining cigarette of this young girl straw is said to be getting sweeter and deliciously taste-it feels when sucked.
Roro Mendut long enough to knit a secret love affair with Pronocitro by way of the same contamination. But in the end, the journey of 2nd love of this young man was also awakened by Wiroguno. One day, Tumenggung Wiroguno managed to catch this wet piously together.
Wiroguno got mad at the scene. Immediately pulled his heirloom keris and menghujamkannya to the body Pronocitro. The couple who were in love was also shocked. See Pronocitro who was attacked, Roro Mendut quickly turned his body as if covering and so shield the lover’s body.
Keris Wiroguno eventually pierced Roro Mendut’s back. But unfortunately, the dagger and even then finally penetrate to pierce into the chest Pronocitro, killed these lovers together in unison. Roro Mendut died while hugging his lover, Pronocitro.

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makam roro mendut

“Roro Mendut and Pronocitro are buried in one grave. So, in the grave was buried two bodies, “said Rubiyo.
In the end, these lovers are also buried in the place where the tragic event took place. Both are also buried in one grave, remain in equally hugging conditions closely.
Merchants Who Want Success
“In the past, the tomb of Roro Mendut and Pronocitro is a key interpreter. But now it is gone once again, because the key interpreter is dead. So the tomb has no one to guard and keep it, “said the father of three children.
The tomb of Roro Mendut and Pronocitro is currently printed in an unhelpful plantation. Created a small residence, which in Java is a cupola. In the cupola building has a size of 4 x 5 mtr. it is filled with the tomb of Roro Mendut and Pronocitro.
The gravestone where the 2nd corpse is buried is not made of stone like a normal gravestone, but it is just simple made of wood about 1 / 2m tall, around the headstone covered by a white shroud. Explained by Rubiyo, the grave of Roro Mendut and Pronocitro was once visited by many people who want to flow barokah in front of their two tombs.
Although on the day of the old graveyard is often visited by people, but on a specific day that is the night of Friday Kliwon or Tuesday night Kliwon tomb is more crowded to visit people. “The next two days that many people take to do the rituals and are also believed to make come true all desires,” he continued.

From so many wishes, generally from some barokah pengalab who come to this grave is those who work so that the merchants who want business and merchandise given the smooth. This kind of thing is believed, karana during life, Roro Mendut is a successful cigarette trader. So, the grave of Roro Mendut is recognized so help to bring barokah also for those who work as traders.
“Many have succeeded by doing rituals in this tomb. Who came not only residents from this location alone, even some people from a distant region in coming to this Mendo Roro tomb, wanting his request come true, “explained this grandson of a grandchild.
Sex in the Grave
There is a series of processions that must be endured by several perituals who want to flow barokah in Roro Mendut and Pronocitro’s grave so that the request can be answered. In order for the ritual system to be excellent, anyone who does spiritual activity in the tomb is recommended to do a series of rituals of 3 times, can be 3 days in a row or can also on different days, which need the number of rituals even 3 times.
Peritual must bring offerings in the form of flowers and incense or incense. Beyond that, the peritual should also provide powder and cigarettes for offerings, because the following equipment is often brought by Roro Mendut when selling cigarettes during his lifetime.
Then, the incense and the incense were burned. While laying the offerings of powder and cigarette was near the gravestone of wood tombstones, do not forget then peritual upcoming requests he expected.
After prayers and requests were offered before Roro Mendut and Pronocitro tombs, some of these barokah pengalab must perform ritual procession circling outside the tomb complex. The journey around this tomb is done just once round. Circular motion around this tomb must be opposite direction by clockwise in other words move around with round to left.
There is an erotic mystical thing that needs to be done each peritual so the final step of completing the series of ritual requests in this grave. After circling the tombs, some barokah pengalab are required to do intercourse with other words do sexual relationships in men and women. “Indeed, the body’s related activities in the tomb have been running since a long time. Who came to beg for the tomb would come with pairs, “he added.
Intercourse at the end of this ritual is meant to be a symbol of the union of the soul and love of two human beings, such as the love of Roro Mendut and Pronocitro brought to them both dead. “In doing body relations in the tomb Roro Mendut it can be done outside the complex, or inside the cupola. The need to do body relationships like husband and wife, “Rubiyo said.
But it is believed that in order for his request to be makbul, the intercourse that is done should be the intercourse between muhrim. Means, sexual intercourse that body relationships should be on the husband or wife is legitimate, not with others.

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Peritual that the request is granted, after doing the series of rituals in the tomb Roro Mendut and Pronocitro in his dream will also be visited by a beautiful woman, he is Roro Mendut. Then it can be felt also will take place smoothness and behavior in the togel online trading business that they do.

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