A Mirage… A Lie…

The Lies they told us….

“You’re special kid…”, said Mom; “Don’t get distracted, focus on your academics”, said Dad; My Uncle told me, “You are smart, smarter than I was at your age”. Your school teachers knew you will be something great, professors said, “Keep up with the hard work and you will land a good job”(not to me of course). I wish to address all of you millennials, you’ve had these phrases thrown at you I bet. And you will relate to this even better if you are in India.

All those… they are LIES. Yes, you are not special, you are not any smarter than the person next to you. The time where hard work alone would get you a “good life” is long gone. You’re in a rat race, where the winner gets everything but peace of mind. You most probably are never going to have a safe career through out your life. If you are even aware of what the future lies ahead, you are not innovative enough to keep up with it’s demands.

The people who have been telling you these lies aren’t fools, and they definitely do not want to cause you any harm. It’s just out of their scope to understand what we will be going through, they won’t even be there probably. It’s more like asking ourselves to imagine a life in 4th dimension; most of us cannot, some won’t care. The Generation X i.e your parent’s, will have difficulty in understanding the problems we Generation Y are going to face, let alone preparing us for the future.

If you must ask, “What Problems?”, clearly you need to educate yourself with the following
1. A.I. (How you might literally not have a job.). Seriously… 
2. Climate Change
3. Overpopulation (India might surpass China in 5 years)
4. Alzheimer’s disease (You might have it already)
5. Resource Depletion (Don’t even get me started)
This is just a list of thing’s I’m worried about and by no means a complete collection of problems we will be facing in coming decades.
Just in case you are lucky enough to escape any of the above problems, imagine being on deathbed, helpless, watching your kid suffer with most of the above. Let’s not digress any further….

I think I understand the gen-x’s point of view. In short — The gen-X, baby boomers have fought for freedom, our freedom. Baby Boomers dreamt of keeping their kids alive, safe from fatal diseases, and then educate them. Proud Gen-X managed through a world in depression, they thought, ‘I will provide my kids, (the gen-y, you & me), with much more resources than that I had, and they will do even better’. What they must now understand is that more taps cannot fill a bucket with ‘more’ water, it will only fill it faster until it overflows.

You as a kid were burdened with responsibilities which now seem minuscule and unworthy of all the hoopla created then. With time it will become even harder to relate all our training for adult life, with the practical life we will be living. Living up to “special kid” tag will become strenuous, if not impossible. So you’re special in a world where everyone is special? Doesn’t make sense right?

So what do you do? Give up? Give in to the fact that you aren’t special?

NO! By no means am I saying you cannot be special. All I mean is we have a greater challenge before you can become special. To be an extraordinary human being you would have to go beyond what was expected of you. The idea of having a happy life has changed from what the Gen-X expected. Food, water & shelter have become easily available for most of the human population, and these things alone will never keep you happy. It is time we realize these greater challenges that lie ahead.

So ask yourselves better questions. Bring back the child like curiosity. Remind yourselves of the grand dreams you had once envisioned, there will never be a better time to start following them. Go on a quest to find meaning. Find your passion, stop following money (unless you’re passionate about that, and if you are.. find a better way to earn more money.). Connect with people, understand them, become mindful. Share love, reach for deeper meaning in your connections. Be a better human.
A new revolution is on the horizon, be ready with your best foot to put forward, together.

Finally putting into words what has been bothering me for over a year now, this is my attempt to start a dialogue. A conversation about a future we should be building, but aren’t; worst part, no one is even talking about this (not in my circles). By posting this I’m making sure this is not something temporary, something I’ll let go in years to come. It is too big to be put into a single post, and I’m too tiny to understand what the future should be like.

“The world is open to play. Everything and everybody is questionable in a curious way”
— Sumedh Phadke.
(Stolen from legendary Robbin Williams)

Do not keep your thoughts to yourself, put them in comments. Spread the thought if you agree… Criticism is welcome, remember though, this is my first attempt. Follow me if you want to know when I’m back with more. Something more specific and not as vague as this one. :)