Big Order: the review

The greatest series of all time

Each medium of art has its famous works and hidden gems. One such God’s gift to humankind is Big Order (2016). The script writer of this gem is the same as Boku no Pico’s.

The Show that will save Anime

My chance encounter happened when it was recommended to me by a friend when it was airing. The decision turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever made. 20 minutes, 1 day of the next ten weeks spent drooling over this masterpiece of an anime.

It chronicles the adventures of Hoshimiya Eiji, who lives with his sister Sena. He is constantly haunted by thoughts that he caused the ‘Great Destruction’, a catastrophe in Japan, through his wish to a fairy called daisy. What exactly happened there? No one knows. His fears prove true as government agencies kidnap his sister and he awakens his power: the ability to control reality within a set area, (I’m not exaggerating).

He is soon manipulated into meeting with a elite rebel group with similarly godlike powers like time-control, future-prediction and tearing holes in space-time. A problem arises, taking over the world with such powers should be an evening’s job. How does the writer deal with this? Simple. Make them retards.

In the course of this show, it breaks every rule and limit set in the show, ranging from catching missiles using a giant rock monster, punching nukes out of existence, getting a girl pregnant by touching her headscarf, her unexplained abortion [ ;)] and enough incest to rival Game of Thrones. Hoshimiya Eiji slowly progresses from average boy hero to one of the dumbest protagonists the world has ever seen, making every decision with the vision of a mole rat. A cast of equally insane characters surround him: the pink haired girl (on the poster above) on a revenge spree against Edgy, a Japanese Trump out for blood and Sena herself. Logic, as you can see, is not something that the likes of Big Order can be bothered with.

This plummet into madness is what makes Big Order so watchable. My friend and I could only marvel when each episode one-upped the previous one. It was more fun than almost all of the other anime I’ve watched. After 10 delectable episodes, I recommended it to my friends, who underwent a similar process of naivete, disbelief, acceptance and enlightenment.

With watching Big Order, we are now a class of humans unto itself— Amartya Mitra

Big Order is not a show to be watched with a pensive attitude nor to be followed with anything resembling critical analysis. To watch Big Order is to be in the zen state, ‘the flow’. It is the show which will reconnect you to your inner self and, in doing so, the universe. Company is only thing that might enhance Big Order, happiness shared is happiness multiplied.

Big Order has left an indelible mark, how almost any kind of art can move people, whether it’s by sombre intellectuals or a group of idiot writers. Emotion is only tangentially related to form, with the only way to inspire it is to put all your thoughts and ideas on the table without fear, even if they suck. Either way, the people will notice and respond. To show power of this way, there’s no better example than Big Order.


Is Big Order good? No.

Should you watch it? YES.