How does becoming an entrepreneur will change my life and my mind

I always wanted to have my own small bussiness because i didnt like too restrictive corporate work culture. Which i think can be quite brutual and quite inhuman considering the way most of the companies treat and behave with their employees.

So about an year ago i decided that i wanted to quit my job and start my own small bussiness or something like an entrepreneur. Even if i get the same income and salary i would still be happy because i get to do what i like to do and when i want to do.

My bussiness has still not taken off completely and have become profitable but i am trying to make it work. Let us discuss how my decision has changed my life.

I can work from anywhere in the world

I can work from anywhere as long as i have internet and laptop. It does make any difference where i live and which CITY i live. This gives me enough freedom to vist different places in the world without having to compromise on my work and income.

Location no longer affect my work

I can CHOOSE to live and work from any city i want. As per my liking and convenience. It makes no difference which city i really live as far as my work is concerned.

I will have more time for my friends and family — I will no longer be BUSY

Work becomes more flexible and less stressful. As a result i will have more time to spend with my friends and family. In fact i can even help my family with the routine chores. The fact that i can work from home enables me to spend more time to do that.

I can work from Home and I no longer HAVE to go to Office

I forgot to mention that i can work from home and going to office is not really a compusion. So obviously this gives more time to spend with friends and family and also help in the routine chores of the Home.

It will help me fulfill my desire to travel or live accross the world

I always wanted to travel the world and i dream of a life where i can travel and live across different places of the world without having to worry about going to work each day in order to pay your bills.

But now that i can work and pay my bills while i travel the world i see that my dream might become a reality someday !

I will have enough income to support the needs of my family

A typical corporte job can be quite restricitive and doesnt allow you to fully productive. If you find yourself in such a situation. Then it is likely that you may end up earning more if you have your own small bussiness and quit your job.

being able to support the financial needs of your family while you do what you love can be one of the best things that you can hope for your life.

If everything works out as i expect this might become a reality.

I am not longer afraid of settling down because i have to resources which enable me to take the burdon of responsibilities.

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