The dangers of Vitamin B12 Deficiency : Part 1

Sumeet Moray
4 min readMar 10, 2021
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Experimenting with your diet can be dangerous. Please ensure that you’re taking a proper diet and do consult your doctor to take a wise decision.

My B12 Deficiency Story !

On one fine day of Feb 2021 i woke up having a breathing difficulty. And in the night i found myself unable to sleep due to my breathing difficulty.

No it wasnt the case of Covid-19 !

Because I tested negative on Covid and I was able to clearly figure out and diagnose the problem as non Covid so i am pretty sure it wasnt Covid-19 …

It was quite scary because due to my inability to sleep i wasnt able to relax and rest properly and i could feel my brain hurting due to lack of rest and lack of oxygen.

I was losing my memory and my brain performance was dropping. I wasnt able to think properly.

The stress was unbearable. And i prayed to God to take me with him because i could not bear what was happening.

There was time when I was pretty sure that i wouldn’t survive. Because each day my health was deteriorating due to lack of sleep and oxygen. And Surprisingly doctors didnt find any problem with my health.

I was even having sucidal thoughts because i thought its better to die quickly rather than having a slow painful death.

Fortunately My friend took me to a Doctor who prescribed few blood tests and there you go we found low levels of RBC’s (Red Blood Cells) , low levels of WBC (White blood cells) and Deficiency of Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D.

But unfortunately the doctor didnt took it seriously and just sent me away with an advice to eat food items rich with B12.

My body had become so much weak that it would react to anything that i didnt eat regularly. Dairy was considered a good source of B12 but I was not able to consume dairy because my body was reacting to Dairy.

Then i went to another doctor who did acknowledged B12 deficiency and understood the seriousness of the situation and started giving me B12 Injections couse.

After the 2nd Injection i immediately felt somewhat better but my sleep issue wasnt resolved.

After about 5th Injection i was able to sleep in the night. Even though my breathing wasnt fully normal but there was some improvement and i was able to sleep.

I wanted some quick relief to breathing difficulty. So i felt there could be something else and i started seeing more doctors.

Seeing more doctors wasnt helpful … i realized how irresponsible and reckless doctors can really be.

I met few more doctors who completely denied that i have any health problem. According to them i was completely okay and i was having difficulty breathing due to anxiety so they just referred me to a psychologist.

This made me more anxious because i thought i wont be able to find any treatment and i had no idea how much time it would take me to heal.

So i took matters in my own hand and started researching on Internet in order to diagnose my health issues.

After doing all my research it was clearly evident to me that it was the case of severe B12 Deficiency.

B12 deficiency is pretty common where i live but severe cases are rare because most of the people do consume dairy a source of B12 and there was hardly anyone who wont even consume dairy products.

My blood report and my symptoms was clearly indicating a B12 deficiency.

B12 Deficiency causes Reduction in RBC’s and results into a special type of Anemia called as Megaloblastic Anemia where the Size of RBC’s get increased from their normal size.

This was evident from my Blood Report which showed increased RBC size (Increased MCV and MCH)

RBC’s are responsible for carrying Oxygen therefore Reduction in RBC’s caused me difficulty in breathing.

This explained my Breathing Difficulty.

Lack of immunity due to Reduced White Blood Cells (WBC Count)

Loss of Memory and neurological symptoms are also caused due to lack of B12 in the body.

There was many more symptoms which made it pretty clear to me that it was a case of B12 Deficiency ! Not a small deficiency but a case of severe deficiency.

B12 Deficiency was created in me in year 2018 but it wasnt severe. I started getting frequent viral fevers which indicated reduced immune power. So the deficiency was there since 2018.

This isnt surprising because i quit eating dairy products in 2016. And you can survive for 2 years because B12 gets stored in your Liver.

As a vegan dairy is the only good source of B12 and if you stop eating Dairy its very likely that you would face B12 deficiency someday.

It was a big stupidity on my part because my health was detoriariting since 2 years and all i blamed was my stress or anxiety and if i had just went to the doctor and had a blood test it would have been a pretty easy diagnosis.

Lessons to Learn

Stress and anxiety can cause physical problems but sometimes lack of proper nutrition can also be a cause of health issues.

Sometimes Doctors wont give you a proper diagnosis. Its not that they are incompetent … but the fact that they have so many patients they generally dont care to give you enough time that you deserve. Therefore you must search for doctors until you find someone who is trustworthy … someone who cares and understands your issues.

And you must also seek asistance on the Internet for your issues.



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