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Are you passionate about establishing a start-up? Your friend calls you in the middle of the night and asks you to join hands with him to set up a totally new platform and all you can think of is, “how on earth did he have the same idea as mine?”

That’s exactly the story of two engineers from BITS Pilani who realized that apart from their love for technology, they had another avocation and that was music. One had many skills but couldn’t stick to a particular platform. He wanted to become a virtuoso. The other one who had totally given himself into music, could witness himself singing at only a few competitions. Both these BITSians had an ardent desire to not just sing at a basic level but collaborate with people who had a skill related to theirs and thus elevate this ability to another platform where people who have talents as well as business skills could come together as a community.

Well, they knew their idea was innovative and was strong enough to bring a change. One left his job, the other his internship. They transformed this idea and gave it a shape. Both these engineers worked hard on it to finally see the end result. Today the two, Divyaansh Anuj and Kushal Jasoria are the co-founders of DEXTRA: Integrating art and technology.

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