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Google Analytics is an amazing tool. It enables you to make the data work for you, get a broader picture, and understand your visitors better.

The problem comes when you expect more from this ‘reporting’ tool. I will tell you why you should consider leveraging BigQuery (or a similar tool) along with your Google Analytics data.

Table of Content:

A. Why Leverage BigQuery with Google Analytics Data?

B. Query Google Analytics Data with BigQuery

I. How does it work?

II. Pr-requisites

III. Let’s Query

A. Why Leverage BigQuery with Google Analytics Data?

3 Reasons Why:

1. Handling Changes over time:

Every website gets experiential changes over time. Along with this, the way you store data will also change. Hence, for an apple to apple comparison, you will need to transform the data into a common view. …

Before jumping right into the solution, lets get around the basics of Internet Bots so that we can decide which solution is the best one and why.

What are Internet Bots?

Internet Bots are basically computer programs that perform automated tasks on websites. The tasks can vary from scraping information off the website to spamming the site with large number of hits making the site inaccessible for real audience.

Examples: Search engines use crawlers to go through websites for indexing. Another example could be the websites that compare products or prices of different products by taking information from other websites.

What are the effects of Internet Bots?

Approximately half of the internet traffic consists of Bot activities. Check out this trend by ‘statista’. …

Over the years, marketeers have had to keep up with the advancements in technology and changes in human behavior. Although the change is getting costlier every day, not changing can prove to be even more costlier.

It is expected that spend on Marketing activities will cross the mark of $560 Billion in this year alone. Further, more than 30% of the budget goes into content creation.

The Problem

In a survey of 1,000 marketers worldwide by Rakuten Marketing, respondents estimated they waste an average of 26% of their budgets on ineffective channels and strategies. …


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