Not This One

Iain Shedden

(for Iain)

If I could talk to the Great Spirit, I would say, “You’ve made a terrible mistake! This one, no this one, is really, really wrong…you must fix this!” and I would ask that Time go backwards and return you to us. I would ask that whatever made you pass away be healed and that you would live to love and be with your family and see more gigs and play more gigs and make more friends (even though I’m sure you have plenty enough). I would ask that you would live to be a very old man who knew all the stories about everyone and still had more to tell of your own. I would ask that you live a long and happy life. If I could talk to the Fates-That-Be I would ask, please set time backwards, so we can enjoy the lovely person you are again…please, because it’s way too hard to imagine a world without Iain.

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