In the previous installment of this piece on Audio Steganography, I described the fundamentals of Audio Steganography along with some applications and related concepts. If you haven’t yet read the earlier post, I recommend reading it before going further with this post.

Audio Steganography Methods

In this article, we will take a look at some of the popular methods to embed “secret” text, images and audios inside a “public” sound file. Our purpose is to enable a sender to secretly send their data, hidden within a song.

LSB (Least Significant Bit) Algorithm

LSB algorithm is a classic Steganography method used to conceal the existence of secret data inside a “public” cover. The LSB or “Least Significant Bit”, in computing terms, represents the bit at the unit’s place in the binary representation of a number. …

What is Steganography?

The word “Steganography”, like many other cool terms, has a Greek origin. It is derived from two Greek words steganos, meaning “covered,” and graphein, meaning “to write”, and refers to the art of enabling covert communication that uses clever methods to hide information in plain sight.

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The commercially captured satellite imagery that is available in SpaceNet dataset provides wide array of opportunities for advancements in computer vision and machine learning. This article attempts to create understanding and awareness for SpaceNet dataset for those who are unfamiliar with it.

What is SpaceNet ?

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SpaceNet logo

SpaceNet is a publicly available dataset containing commercial satellite imagery. This imagery is accompanied by labelled information that can be used to train machine learning models. …

What is GeoJSON ?

Well, the name GeoJSON (Geo+JSON) itself is a giveaway. The GeoJSON is a format for encoding geographical data structures, using the JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Simply put, GeoJSON gives you an easy format for representing simple geographical features, along with their non-spatial attributes.

As described in the RFC, JSON was designed to be a lightweight, text-based and language-independent data interchange format that is easy for both humans and machines to read and write. And GeoJSON basically uses this design strategy to represent data about geographic features, their properties, and their spatial extents.

Fancy an example ?

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As a student at the University of Chicago, I regularly use the university’s Canvas portal to access class materials. However, this portal, along with a few uChicago portals require the user to take some unnecessary navigational steps to download files. So, I decided to make a Chrome extension that allows the user to download all the course material in a single click, right from the course page, without having to go to each module and then click each file link separately.

To do this, I designed my extension in such a way that it will scrape the current page and all the linked webpages to fetch a list of available downloads links. And then display the module-wise download buttons to the end-user, to enable bulk downloading of all the files with a single click. …

Dear Fellow UoC Student,

Hope you’re doing well!

I just want to share a software that I wrote in last few days, to automate some routine and mundane tasks. I think it might be useful for all of us who use Canvas and/or portal.

The Problem

The problem that I wanted to solve was very simple, both of these websites require students to take some unnecessary steps to download files. …

First, a few definitions for the uninitiated.

TensorFlow is an open-source library for numeric computation using dataflow graphs. It was developed by Google brain team as a proprietary machine learning system based on deep learning neural networks. TensorFlow is causing quite a stir in research and development field and is set very to make its way into mainstream machine learning.

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About TensorFlow

In this tutorial, we are going to make an Android app that uses a neural network trained by TensorFlow. For our purpose, we will use a special class of convolutional neural networks called MobileNets. …

A few days ago, a reddit user posted a beautiful visualization for Mean Centers of U.S. population by state on /r/MapPorn subreddit.

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Source: /r/MapPorn Reddit post

Pretty neat, right ? This map conveys the point across and also maintains an appeasing simplicity. This inspired me to create a similar population map for my motherland, India.

But what I imagined to be a straightforward task, turned into something really complicated. While the original creator of the above reddit post was able to get the desired data in nicely arranged format from the US Census Bureau website, similar information wasn’t readily available for India. So, I set out to create my map from scratch, And I would like to share that experience with you. …


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