Getting Started with SpaceNet

Sumit Kumar Arora
Feb 6, 2018 · 8 min read
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Dataset Source

Comparison of data captured by different Digital Globe satellite (For a more detailed comparison of each satellite, read the official Digital Globe specification document here)
AOIs in SpaceNet
Sample of a high-resolution image captured by WorldView-3 satellite (see more examples here)
AOI_1: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
AOI_2: Las Vegas, USA
AOI_3: Paris, France
AOI_4: Shanghai, China
AOI_5: Khartoum, Sudan

Understanding the Dataset

Raster vs Vector data
Raster data in SpaceNet
Example of a pansharpened RGB image
Example of a Panchromatic image
Source: WorldView-3 Specifications (SWIR and CAVIS bands not shown here)
Application areas for different spectral bands (NOTE: SpaceNet dataset doesn’t include SWIR and CAVIS bands)
Example of GeoJSON data

Download the Datasets

Visualize the Data

Preview geoJSON files
Preview tif files

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