Building a mobile Product— Blog Series

My name is Sumit. With this blog post I want to announce that I will be writing series of blog post on developing mobile product with Amazon Web Services. While I develop a product I will be sharing my journey of product development.

I will also recommend reading this blog post from Laura Klein. It will help in unlearn somethings that you know as a developer.

I am a big fan of usability, developing mobile apps to engage users and leveraging technology to build apps. All these things will be covered in my posts.

My background is heavily focused on technology but in recent years I found myself to be in deep love with User Experience.

What can you expect from this series.

  1. Mobility Solution — My intention is to create a mobile application using Cloud. The goal I am trying to achieve is creating a solution which can be packaged and shipped. Once built it can be easily replicated.
  2. User Experience/ Usability — Personally I am very passionate about building User experience and apps that engages users. I will also share my journey about building User Experience.


When thinking of AWS I think of an IT guy who is sitting next to me. He will provide me what I need. It could be anything like:

  1. Web Server to host website
  2. SMTP Server for sending email
  3. Hosting database

Really excited to share that AWS has most of the things that you need to develop applications. There are so many products which will make you think. If you haven’t gone through AWS than please watch introductory videos for all the products they have like Cognito, DynamoDb, Lambda…

All these AWS products will create a spark in your mind and you will start getting new ideas. Lastly who doesn’t get excited when there is something new to try?

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