Part One — Start with driving User engagement thinking from Day one

Steve Jobs said:

“You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology”

This quote is perfect there is one word missing, whats that?

Engagement i.e. Driving User Engagement.

You might have built one of best looking app but until you haven’t chalked a strategy to engage user it will fail.

With so many apps available in market there are chances that your beautifully crafted app will be forgotten. The question is what will bring users back to your application?

I will share a real life scenario, was partying with my friends and one of friend clicked a photo and after that her next sentence was : I want to make this as a cover photo on Facebook.

How did this happen? Its hooks in our mind getting triggered in anticipation of a reward. We do something to get rewarded.

The question is are you building something which will create triggers in mind of users?

I strongly recommend to have this thinking of building habit forming products from day one. There is lot of content on User experience but not on Engagement, why? The reason is it requires reading and understanding mind of users, it can be done only when you are working closely with customers.

Here is the book that I recommend:

If you are not convinced about purchasing the book than look at this presentation from Nir Eyal and decide later.

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