Part Two : UX — Where to Begin

One of the challenges in app development is to think minimal. Most of app developers have transitioned from Application development like Desktop and Web application.

Desktop applications are large and they should be because you get lot of screen space, using mouse and working on desk.

I feel transitioning from Desktop to Mobile is tough the reason is because you always tend to have a thinking of adding lot of features. This doesn’t go well with mobile apps because moment your app show too much of content it will confuse the user resulting in poor engagement.

Mobile apps should be simple, easy to use. What is definition of app

“An app is decomposition of software”

Which means you can break a large software into pieces to develop app. For e.g You company might have separate apps for logging leaves, submit expenses.

So the first challenge being an app developer is to have right mindset. One cant build this mindset just by only reading we got to try and implement it, go live.

Thats about app mindset coming to UX, where should one start from. There are tonnes of material available both free and paid. I will share what I liked;

Its a book from Laura Klein. She blogs here:

What I liked about the book:

  1. Lean thinking — It relates to what i said, minimal thinking. Most of software development is waste reason is due to disconnect between mind of developers and actual thinking. Following Lean approach ensures that you are creating something which user will care for.
  2. Lot of good ideas — It talks about lot of good idea, you can pick and choose which approach you want to take.

Here is the approach I suggest for building a mobile product:

  1. Customer Interviews — Speak with customers and LISTEN to them. Listening is hard . Just be aware.
  2. Document Customer Interviews — Document customer interviews after talking to them. You can use, its an excellent tool for documentation
  3. Created User Stories and wireframes — Create Wireframes after customer interviews, list down user stories. I will recommend to maintain list of User Stories
  4. Prototype — Create a prototype and watched how users used the app. You can use Pixate its free :

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