The Emotional Cost Of Being A Startup Founder
Startups Co

This is relatable on so many levels. The emotional side of running a startup is often underestimated. From my own personal experience, this is particularly true of first-time founders. It takes enormous mental stamina and endurance to not lose heart and keep working even when things are not going your way (which is probably going to be the case more often than not). And that’s just one side of it. Then there’s burden of expectations, accountability towards your customers and employees (and family), social stigma, creeping self-doubt among bunch of other things. You’re lucky if you have a strong support system of family, friends, and well-wishers but ultimately it’s a lonely battle and only yours to fight. It’s not easy learning to accept and embrace the uncertainty.

There’s no easy way out. All I can say is find someone who’s been through the same journey. It helps talking to people who can empathise, even just to vent out the frustration. Writing often helps distil your thoughts, realise what’s important and find the clarity of purpose. Whatever may be the case, don’t just sweep under the carpet.

Hugs to all startup founders out there and thanks Wil Schroter for writing this and starting the conversation!

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