Great Tips for IVF Patients

IVF is the revolutionary lab procedure in which egg fertilization is done outside the body and healthy embryo is transferred in the womb for happy pregnancy. This treatment has the great success ratio but some tips given by the experts of IVF center in India can add to its success ratio

Tips to be followed before the IVF cycle

Choose only the specialized and experienced IVF doctor

Compare the IVF cost with the quality of treatment offered by IVF center

Always have nutritious diet

Do moderate exercise

Reach to the level of ideal BMI as per advice of your IVF specialist

Share your medical history and contradictions from any medicines with the doctor

Avoid the hard drinks and smoking before the treatment

Avoid the excessive caffeine intake limit it to 12 cups of coffee a day

Tips during the IVF cycle

During the cycle doctors provide some instructions to couple to add to the results of treatment. All the instructions followed before the treatment are asked to continue till the end of pregnancy but additionally some instructions are given as follows

Drink lots of water especially during the stimulation of ovaries

Avoid to have exposure to heat as the heat can affect the fertility of both male and female

If you are suffering from OHSS then doctors recommend to have lots of fluid

As per the recommendations of doctor take some blood thinner to increase the blood flow for stimulation

Avoid any kind of stress and negativity during the treatment as it can have adverse affect on IVF results

Intended parents are asked to remain emotionally strong during the cycle and to think positive during and after the treatment.

Tips after the completion of IVF cycle

However IVF is safe procedure and couple can go home after the embryo transfer but to prevent any kind of mishappenings IVF doctors provide the special instructions and tips to care the health of intended mother and expected baby (if positive result)

Females are asked to avoid busty food especially older than 12 hours

Avoid adding fish that is high in mercury

Moderate walk and exercise is good for IVF mother as it can burst out stress and can rejuvenate her but excessive exercise can be dangerous for her health

Sound sleep is essential for the female as it can calm her mind and remove any physical stress and tiredness

Women are asked not to lift heavy weight after the treatment as it can lead to IVF failure

Some women face the constipation problem after treatment so drink lot of water to avoid it

Avoid the exposure to excessive heat

Relaxation activities like meditation, yoga , breathing exercises can be beneficial for positivity and bursting out the stress

Avoid sex for few days after treatment as it can disturb your uterus

If you are having some blotting or bleeding for initial two weeks then do not get panic it is common and due to pressure on uterus due to meds and embryo

Go for pregnancy test after 2 weeks of embryo transfer

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