Seeking Professional Help

The biological clock runs even if we are not aware of it and in other cases, other infertility issues take over which needs professional help. There are many causes of infertility today for example desire for higher studies, blocked Fallopian tubes, low sperm count and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which wasn’t the case in the past years.

Assisted Reproductive techniques for example IVF have been around since 1979 and they have helped many couples conceive. One of the techniques used is IUI or call it Intrauterine Insemination. It is a highly successful procedure and the chances of pregnancy can be increased with IVF.

In IUI, the sperms of the husband are injected into the woman’s husband when the eggs are ready mostly on the first day of her periods or a day before. This increases the chances of conceiving especially the husband with sperm problems. The sperms are harvested from the man and then screened for any further tests.

Before the woman gets to the final step, multiple checkups and treatments are administered in order to stimulate hormones and keep them in balance. The woman has to be monitored throughout treatment time and after conception. You can acquire the best fertility treatment from the best infertility center in Ludhiana, India.

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